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hotswap help

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by zblazeLOC, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. zblazeLOC

    zblazeLOC Guest

    can someone help me with the partition part, b/c im confused on which partitions to copy and what not
  2. Jinx2011

    Jinx2011 Guest

    ok here is your question i hope i am right

    This is the FACTORY XBOX'S HDD:

    Partition3:is the c drive

    Partiton4: is the e drive

    Partition 0-2 is empty

    Xplorer360 is the best program to use

    i hope this help you:) if not i will keep in touch with this page to see if this is what you wanted!!
  3. zblazeLOC

    zblazeLOC Guest

    Well i kno that i have two ide cables, the ide is connected to the hdd and the other to the disk drive, i tried to disconnect the disk drive one and keeping that same ide cable connected to the motherboard but when it boots up it says can not find cd/dvd drive but doesnt boot any farther, so next i tried to disconnect the ide cable from the disk drive farther along the boot process, it doesnt say "cant find the cd/dvd drive", so i tried this the hotswap way by hitting pause/break on keyboard, turned on xbox,disconncted ide from disk drive in xbox and connected the ide cable from motherboard to it before it went to error 16 screen, so i hit a key and let the computer boot up, went to xplorer 360, went to open hdd or memorycard thing but it says it cant find it, tried this about 4 times, kno my problem??
  4. Jinx2011

    Jinx2011 Guest

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