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Importing movie from DVD into Premier or FCP 2

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by jonohichi, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. jonohichi

    jonohichi Guest

    I want to import a timecoded avid output of a rought cut film from a dvd so I can layout some music in pro-tools. I just want to use the video to sync the music.
    Do I need something to interpret the dvd or will the software import it as an AVI or JPG like from a tape?
  2. mike71

    mike71 Guest

    no idea bloke but a quick question, whats premier like and will it edit VOB files?

    oh and i think you might have to decrypt the DVD to tthe HD. If it needs encoding then there's plenty of progs for that....
  3. jonohichi

    jonohichi Guest

    Premier is simple and usefull. Easier but similar to Final Cut. I do not use them for editing, though Ive messed around with them. I use Premier to import video and sync to my Pro Tools system.

    I believe you have to convert the VOB files to AVI before you can mess with them.

    I am going to ask my editor to save the reels as AVI files (if the Avid will do this) to see if thats a plausible solution.

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