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Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by Alladin, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Alladin

    Alladin Member

    Nov 23, 2007
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    I video games for an American Football team, I have a Sony Handycam SR82 and a Macbook.

    Is there a way that I can record direct onto the Macbook?
    I mean, the coaches have asked if I can hook up a tv or monitor to enable them to see footage for adjustments etc, I have said that I can at half time, by hooking up to a tv in the coaches area and going through the clips, but is there a way to be able to do it during the game? For example recording straight to the macbook and viewing the clips on there? or can I access the HD on the camera somehow while recording?

    I guess it's a long shot, but I thought I would ask.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. harold300

    harold300 Guest

    One way u could do this is get u a tv tuner card. Run the audio/video jacks in to the turner card and then u can record like that. It records right to ur hard drive and u can even edit/burn ext.

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