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Mac Burning Problems

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by mrcapone, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. mrcapone

    mrcapone Guest

    Hello- I have recently ripped a DVD and I would like to burn it. I have done this a million times before on a PC, but I am new to doing this with a Mac. I have ripped the DVD with DVD Backup 1.3 and I want to burn it. I dont need the expertise of compression, because I am trying out a DVD that I have already burned before, so I compressed it when I burned it with my PC. Now, I am trying to burn with Toast, Version 5.2.1, and whenever I add my VIDEO_TS files and click burn, it comes up with a message saying " Toast cannot burn in Mac OS standard, please switch to Mac OS Extended. First off, I have no idea what Mac OS extended is, nor do I have any clue as to how I may go about switching. I have also tried burning with the plain burning Rom that was included in the comp, where you drag the file to the blank disc and then drag it to the trash, where it will burn from there. Not only does this take an immense amount of time, but It does not work at all. If someone could please address my problem and how I might go about solving it, I would be most appreciative. Thanks.
  2. highe5

    highe5 Guest

    To burn a DVD in Toast to a blank DVD, you need to choose "Other". Above the word "Other" you'll see an icon that looks like a filing cabinet - just move your mouse over this icon (you'll see it get slightly bolder) and click & hold and the menu should drop down. The DVD option should then be the 3rd one on the list - choose "DVD".

    Now click "New DVD" (botton left hand corner) and name it exactly the same as the original DVD (ie, all capitals, and "_" instead of spaces, eg "CATCH_ME_IF_YOU_CAN").

    Next, drag your "VIDEO_TS" folder contaning the files that were created by DVDBackup into Toast and burn, baby, burn...
  3. JonB

    JonB Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    Well, I suggest that you do everything from scratch. Insert the DVD rip it with DVDBackup, compress it with DVD2oneX and then burn it with toast. The rom included with macosX is useless because it will burn the disc in the format MacOS Extended so it´s useless because it doesn´t work with any DVD player not even the one on the computer. When you have compressed the movie using DVD2oneX you´ll have to make a new folder named the EXACT name of the DVD for example CATH_ME_IF_YOU_CAN mounts on your desktop when you insert the DVD then you´ll HAVE TO name the folder CATCH_ME_IF_YOU_CAN. Open up the folder you have just created and put the VIDEO_TS folder in it. Also create a new folder called AUDIO_TS. Now, choose DVD in Toast and drag the files into the window. You´ll have to remove all the files named .dsstore. these files create problems with the reading on some DVD players. Just mark the files and click Clear in the Edit menu. Now just burn the disc. When it´s ready it will show a window saying something like "Your disc is ready, verification will start in a few seconds" let the disc be veryfied and KABLAAM your disc is ready for playing on all players.
    Now this problem you had with Mac OS extended. Insert a blank DVD-R without having Toast open. A window should pop up giving you some options. Choose "burn as MAC OS EXTENDED". Hope it helps. Jon

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