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Mac The Ripper and DVD2OneX

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by lisika, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. lisika

    lisika Member

    Oct 30, 2004
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    Question added to a previous thread. Okay, I have another dumb question to ask too. I'm trying to do the same thing and I have Mac the ripper and DVD2OneX, but it keeps on telling me I do not have enough space. Is it as simple as that?

    I don't have enough space and I just need to dump some files off my system in order to shrink the files and burn? Sorry, I know, another dumb question.
  2. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    Chances are that's probably what you need to do. I've had that happen to me a few times, once I cleared enough space I was fine. I also purchased an additional hard drive to save me from erasing more files from my computer!! :)

    You just have to remember if the movie is 7GB and you have enough space (at the time) that is all well and good. Then of course you need to compress it and that will take another 4GB. So try to keep that in mind when you're uploading the movie.

    If you don't have very much memory left on your computer I would recommend only processing one movie at a time, burn it and then erase everything so you can move on to the next.

    Also if you're interested in another hard drive- you can get them faily inexpensive with a TON of gigs! I recommend a Lacie.

    Hope that helps!!

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