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Nero 7 Ultra Edition- help

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by justmary, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. justmary

    justmary Guest

    Greeting -I am a first time user of any prog. as Nero etc. This grandma is learning fast. Here is my problem.. I have a avi video- that I want to burn... Have read all the replys re information.
    when I go to burn, it looks fine, but then spits the disc out saying there is not enough space. Fooled around to see if I could cut out some... there is about 1 hour and 45 min... check for size, and should fit the disc. what am I missing to be able to burn to disc.Stuck against a wall.. Thank you so much for your help, and really enjoy the posts-very helpful.
    Grammie just mary
  2. gwendolin

    gwendolin Senior member

    Jun 29, 2005
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    If you have a movie and it's in AVI format then it should be around 700 to 750mb in size...upon conversion by NeroVision this will become around 4+gbs and will fit to a standard DVD5 (normal DVD)

    Heres a very basic guide on how I burn my AVI files using NeroVision


    There is an excellent, more comprehensive guide, compiled by alkohol, in my sig...just click on the link, good luck.
  3. justmary

    justmary Guest

    Thank you so much for your quick reply- so appreciated.
    I followed the instructions, ( great instructions easy to follow )but could not get past the add file. Looked again at the original file, and it is a avi video- tried to find something to convert now. one mp 4- (not sure that is right)
    anyway it is a 4- would you suggest a good source,( for purchase is fine-) that would do all these things for me... Would like to convert to a DVD- to play on player.My Nero will not convert the video avi for me...

    Looked through so many posts in last day, now getting confused- did go to Pete's site that was mentioned... if you prefer to email in private it is okay. Again-your help is wonderful, and as is so many others. Shall pass the kindness on..
    Grammie Mary

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