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Police Squad and ???Joss Stone???

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by deuce74, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. deuce74

    deuce74 Guest

    I tried backing up my Police Squad! the complete series to a dual layer and it seems to have bugs. When it loaded, it stopped and when I tried to look at one of the actor's auditions, it froze, then stopped the dvd. My info...
    Windows XP Pro. w/Service Pack 2
    AMD Athlon processor 1.66 GHz
    256 MB of RAM
    Burner: Sony DVD RW DRU-800A

    Also, I don't like to keep original cds in my car at $10+ per cd and I can't rip Joss Stone's new cd, released this week. Does anyone know of a cd-similar site or a solution?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. deuce74

    deuce74 Guest

    Okay, I'm new to the site and posted these in the wrong area. Can anyone help here or should I repost?
  3. fasfrank

    fasfrank Active member

    Oct 15, 2003
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    This is the correct forum. You should only post one problem at a time though.

    How about posting a Nero log for this burn.... I assume you used Nero? Which
    You didn't mention what programs you used or anything else. If you did post your log then that would have most of the info we need.

    If Nero 7:
    C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\NeroHistory.log
    If Nero 6:
    C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log

    Leave out your Nero serial number, post one log only and post all of it.

    For DL make sure to use Verbatim media only. As far as I know everything else has problems. ImgBurn is a much better burning DL burning program than Nero. An updated version was released yesterday and it's free.


  4. deuce74

    deuce74 Guest

    Thanks, I found out that my cd rip just needed a reboot of the pc. Don't understand why, though.
    So, are Verbatim DL's more reliable than Memorex? My friend says he's never had a problem with Memorex. I thought maybe my settings had to be adjusted or something. BTW, I have the last version of IMG burn, Shrink, DVD Decrypter & Ripit4Me.
  5. gwendolin

    gwendolin Senior member

    Jun 29, 2005
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  6. deuce74

    deuce74 Guest

    Thanks for the info., Gwendolin!
    I hope I can buy just a few Verbatim or Maxell for now, money's tight, so I can clear that space on my hard drive.

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