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!! SIMPLE !! ps2 Memory Card Exploit using SwapMagic CD

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by kaosX, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. kaosX

    kaosX Regular member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    Table of Contents:
    1.1 installing hard drive
    1.2 items needed to use "simple" memory card exploit on ps2 with swap magic.
    1.3 making your exploit disc
    1.3.b updating your exploit using cd-rw, or new cd-r
    1.4 installing backups onto HDD
    1.5 which games work with which boot method?
    1.6 can i play these games in Progressive mode?
    1.7 what the hell are these elf files?



    1.1 installing the hard drive and HDD FAQ
    1.2 items needed to use simple memory card exploit on ps2 with swap magic:
    -swap magic CD (original pressed)
    -winrar (to open any rar files)
    -UltraISO (to view the iso, add files, remove files)
    -alcohol 120% (to burn image, bin file)
    -ps2cdgen (to change the order of files on cd, i dont think this is 100% necessary for a simple

    (page its on) http://console.iscentral.net/index.php?go=downloads&cat=3
    (direct download) http://console.iscentral.net/downloadnow.php?file=11
    -cd burner
    -cd readable by your ps2
    i just got 100 taiyo yuden CD-R's from shop4tech for $26.10 shipped.
    http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=2199&cata=1&s_cata=91 link
    -titledb maker (to make titledb file to put in ISO
    (page its on) http://console.iscentral.net/index.php?go=downloads&cat=2
    (direct download) http://console.iscentral.net/downloadnow.php?file=171
    -original psx disc
    preferably a clean one that ps2 can read easier since it needs to run this disc for

    -Compatable HDD from list here.
    im pretty sure there is another list, maybe ill add it later, this one should be ok for

    - keylauncher

    1.3 making your expoit disc (this tutorial is meant to be the simples way to get this done, so i wont

    go into great detail in the main tutorial)
    hopefully you see the installation screen and files copy away! after this is finished, shut down your

    xbox, put in your original psx game you got the titledb from, and watch the beauty!
    Select what you want from the list of programs!
    and thats that.. hope it was easy enough!

    NOTE: this preset exploit is fairly large, which is why i deleted "ps2media.elf" (almost 1MB) as i

    dont need my ps2 as a media center.. it will still show up
    on the lauch screen without editing the KL.DAT file, but it wont affect the installation.
    NOTE: if the disc reads, installs a few files and gives an error, it is mostly likely do to

    running out of space on the memory card, try to have at least 3MB free space, 4 would be better,

    test it out and see; i also think it writes this info to the system config save, so if it gets full,

    delete that. would be best to start with a freshly formatted memory card though.
    NOTE: this exploit will only work when you use the psx game from exploit, and have the memory card

    inserted in your ps2.

    1.3b easily updating your exploit disc (new progs, updated hdloader)
    open your exploit in ultraISO and delete/add any elf files in the FILES folder as long as you know

    what they are.
    Updating these files means you have to update the KL.DAT file, Drag it from the FILES folder onto

    your desktop and open wordpad, select "file" "open" then change it from opening .txt files, to all files,

    and open the KL.DAT file.
    you will then see something like this:

    ^button assigned
    _________^location of file (mc=memory card)
    ______________________^programs file name (MCFORMAT>ELF)
    _____________________________________^ name that appears on launcher menu (MCFormat)

    now.. its pretty self explanatory...
    if you delete any related elf files, then find it here, and delete everythin after

    "[]=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/" for that specific line.
    example, i deleted media player from my exploit image, so delete everything after

    "[]=mc0:/BADATA-SYSTEM/" for that line
    so now you have a free spot, you can put whatever you want there, such as..
    http://www.consoleworld.org/downloads.php?do=file&id=2 that, which is HDLoader DVD9 0.7C which

    loads certain newer games.
    L3 and R3 are not currently supported.
    !!! keep the elf files all CAPS !!!

    1.4 installing backups onto HDD
    1.5 which games work with which boot method? (mode 1, 2, 3, or a patch)
    1.6 can i play these games in Progressive mode? (on HDD)
    in short, yes and no. if it has an "in game" option to turn on progressive mode, then yes.
    if you have to hold "Triange + X" during "playstation 2" logo then no.
    1.7 what the hell are these elf files?
    these are programs, its just .elf instead of .exe
    description of some common ELF files = http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/109289

    I thank you for reading my guide, i hope its as easy as it was meant to be.. i found alot of dead ends to

    progs, progs i couldnt find, and this is basically as simple

    as it gets. let me know if you think there is anything i should add, or have forgotten, or if a link goes

    dead, i will try to update it.
    thanks again - kaosx

    edit: changed links to console.iscentral.net to show description of program instead of direct download at request of site owner.
    edit 2: changed links to console.iscentral.net as site changed.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2006
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    very nice. very good links. thank you
  3. marik1234

    marik1234 Regular member

    Oct 21, 2005
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    Does this work without an HDD?
  4. kaosX

    kaosX Regular member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    hmmmm, i suppose, it would just limit the capabilities of what you can do.

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