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very best dvd dual layer, format, double layer burner

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by qrowner, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. qrowner

    qrowner Guest

    Seeking a very good internal DVD dual layer format ,double layer burner that work with OS9.1 and higher and Windows XP, What is the very best DVD COPY software that can copy the entire movie including menus. special features, and and other things that is on that disc?

    RED_BULL Guest

    I use mactheripper 2,thats the best
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  3. jimmyfro5

    jimmyfro5 Guest

    I just got a sony double layer DVd burner installed.
    It came with NERO and I read where it says "just click drag, and burn, you can't go wrong." Not really.

    If someone has the time, please give me some simple answers to these questions.
    Q: can I use older application like Roxio Suite to burn double layer DVd's, or must I use the Nero that came with it.
    Q: All I want to do is burn my captured Music DVD(source) to MPEG2 onto a DVD+R or DVD-R. Why is it so complex? I captured it to MPEG2 but NERO "express" (ha ha) only wants to see IFO, VOB,

    Q: Will newer NERO application automatically auto-complete all phases of burning; such as Encoding, transcoding, creating image file, and burning?

    PLEASE SOMEONE BREAK IT DOWN VERY SIMPLY. I have 4 mpeg files at 900mb each , and I NERO WON'T BURN'EM. !

    RED_BULL Guest

    Isn't this a forum for mac?
  5. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    I just got a fabulous Lacie dual layer - 12x burner (external) for my mac - they also work with windows. I'm pretty sure that they have internals also. I would check out their site. I have a few Lacie products and I have never had a problem. They also tend to burn extremely fast! Good Luck.

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