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Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by goanna, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. goanna

    goanna Guest

    I am trying to burn some DVD’s (for my own private
    use, of course). I have used DVD Backup and saved
    the DVD to my harddisk. I can play back the copy, no

    I then burnt a copy with Toast Titanium. When I try to
    play back the burnt DVD on my iMac Superdrive
    (MAC OS 10.2.3/ Apple DVD 3.2) I get the message :
    “System error,could not detect a valid media file”.

    Comparing the extracted Video_TS with the burnt
    Video_TS, I noticed that 12 out of the 22 files were
    each 2 K smaller on the burnt Video_TS than on the
    original extracted one.

    Trying to play the DVD on my Toshiba DVD-player
    gives a “Disk-Error” message. According to the
    manual it is capable of playing DVD-R’s

    Surprisingly the burnt disk DOES play on my old
    purple iMac (OS 9.2/ Apple DVD 2.7) with no

    Where am I going wrong ? Any tips will be greatly

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  2. MD11

    MD11 Member

    Jan 15, 2003
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    Sounds like your doing everything right. I always create a folder, name it what ever the movie is and place the Video_TS folder in it. Then I drag that folder to Toast and burn.

    The first couple times I tried this, I had used generic data DVD's. None of my players could read the video. When I changed to media capable of video and data, it worked fine.
  3. goanna

    goanna Guest

    Thanks mate, that did the trick!!using a pioneer blank DVD and creating the extra folder fixed it. Thanks

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