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how do you use "returnil" -can you explain, thanks

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by engin123, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. engin123

    engin123 Guest

    to cyprusrom

    Senior Member for me to use this programme do i need to do any ajustments to it or only when after any day im finished surfing for the day do i just reboot then when it comes back on again it will delete any spyware or maleware ,is that how it is because you stated in that you have to 4. Install "returnil" use "engage" this program when you are surfing the internet.so thats the part im not sure about is there something i have to turn on while surfing & after im finished do i turn something off or on when im just about to -

    -reboot,i looked at the options & i could't find anything in the options to make me- use "engage",plus what about adaware & cookies does it get rid of them also or do i need to delete all cookies from every site daily or weekly,i thought mabe you needed some cookies,i use easy cleaner to clean things on my system but im scared to use it just incase i might make it delete the the wrong things & then it ruins my good sofware programmes that iv'e got,thanks please help i wait your reply- Any spyware that gets into your computer while on the internet will disappear as soon as you reboot. This is better than any antispyware software and it has zero slowdown. god bless you all
  2. 56delray

    56delray Regular member

    Feb 8, 2007
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    I think you need to slow down get the basic problems solved.
    One problem is you need the learn how to use this site. You have so many threads going it is confusing.
    Take this thread. It is a reply to this next quote.

    from http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/620497

    How is cyprusrom supposed to find the reply here. He will only be alerted if you respond to the other thread.

    from http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/620922

    from http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/619179

    You have some basic problem if can not get the system restore to work.
    As to the freezing, we should know your system specs. RAM size, hard drive size, chip speed.

    Could you have too many programs running in the background?
    What processes are occupying your CPU? (Open Task Manager to find out.)
    When the PC freezes, how much CPU and RAM are you using.
    Are you maintaining your computer regularly? (Defragment, disc cleanup,etc)?

    You might want to run your internet connection through a speed test to see it is working correctly.

    from http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/617545

    You then posted this reply again in another thread.

    That makes it a double post.

    One last comment. Try to hit the enter button once and a while in your posts. They look like one long...... run on sentence.
    It just makes it easier for someone to read.

    You will get more help if you make it easy for someone to help.


    Internet optimizer
    RAM optimizer
    Registry Cleaner
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  3. jony218

    jony218 Guest

    I use returnil everyday it's a easy program to use.

    1. the engage button will be on the top center of your screen, pressing the backwards "R" will engage the program.
    2. once engage "your c: drive is no longer being written to" , everything that happens occurs on system memory only. If you open a virus it only lives in memory and has no access to your real C: drive, if it modifys anything it's doing it in memory only.
    3. You can only save downloads to different partitions or hard drives. If you only have one hard drive with a c: partition, guess what "you can still save downloads by using the virtual partition created during installation of returnil". this partition will show up in "my computer" it'll be the "z" drive named returnil. Save any thing important here that you want to survive the shutdown.
    4. the only button I ever use is the engage button and that's it, the program is automatically turned-off when you shutdown the computer. Next time you start the computer the program is in the off position, this way you can download the latest antivirus definitions etc that you need to do.

    The best way to describe this program is "what happens on your c: drive when you have returnil engage only exists while returnil is engaged as soon as you reboot it disappears" . From reviews I have seen this program has survived the "killdisk" virus test.

    You still need your firewall/antivirus when using returnil because returnil doesn't prevent virus attacks it just doesn't let them get to your hard drive "it lets them play in system memory" and kills them during reboot.

    The program seems complicated but it's easy to use and rock solid, I have it on 4 different computers and hasn't crashed any of them.

    Remember - you cannot permantely install any programs while you have returnil engaged (because they will dissappear when you restart the computer), but you can install and test them (as long as the installation doesn't require a reboot.)


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