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READ SECOND (rules 1st) Ultimate sticky sticky

To reduce the amount of stickies on the front page of the Nero forum all the stickies will be consolidated to this thread so check here if you have questions. Chances are someone else has had the same problem and the solution can be found in one of the following threads.

Please read the forum rules and use the forum search feature before starting a new thread.

How do I enable automatic Burning with Nero and Shrink

Nero8 Burning ROM doesn't work with DVD Shrink

Nero Launches Nero Linux 3

Could Not Perform End Of Disc-At-Once Error

Nero Error - illegal disk - Please Help

Illegal Disc error using Nero

To Convert AVI to DVD with Nero Vision 4 (basic guide)

Dvd Shrink, Nero 9 Questions/Problems

Nero 9, a step backwards

As new issues arise and important threads need special attention please contact a moderator to make any additions to this sticky.
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